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 Inferno Apparel is designed by a Queensland based girl inspired by activewear becoming a global everyday outfit with the power to change the world’s attitude to wear it with out even working out. Inferno Apparel is made from shape wear material and designed to be squat proof and in partnership with a young couple who manufacture the activewear and full-filling their dreams also of a small business. 

The creator Cass, a fitness enthusiast with a passion for fashion. After years of spending money for expensive big brand activewear, she grew frustrated with the lack of affordable small business options on the market. Cass was inspired to launch her own line of locally designed activewear thats affordable for the every day girl. Empowering women to feel confident and comfortable during their everyday lifestyle & workouts without having to sacrifice style or quality. With a keen eye for design and a dedication to sustainability, Cass's activewear line is made in small batches by a husband a wife duo who makes her designs come to life.

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